Private Classes

Why A private class works

A BJJ Private class is the best way to improve your jiu-jitsu faster. First of all, with a personal training session, you have my full attention. That means you receive immediate feedback on your application and you will apply them in a safe but challenging environment. Secondly, you learn techniques that work for you. Techniques that fit with your style and body type.

When we start, we will decide on the topic of our classes together. That way we find the perfect balance between what you want and what you need to work on. You will progress faster and you will enjoy jiu-jitsu even more.

BJJ Private class rotterdam

Our BJJ Private Class Instructors

All our instructors have a large amount of competition- and teaching experience.

You can choose an instructor depending on your budget and on what you want to learn. 

Daniel de Groot

Teaching: Daniel is the head of Checkmat BJJ Rotterdam. He has been teaching since 2015 and has taught a large variety of students. Male, female, young and old. His students have competed and won some of the biggest tournaments in the country.

Athlete: As an athlete Daniel is one of the most accomplished Dutch competitors ever, having won both the Brazilian and European nogi championships. He holds a black belt under Gabriel Rollo and Thiago Abreu.

Private classes: Daniel is one of the few BJJ practitioners in the Netherlands focused on teaching private classes. Get in touch to learn about his rates.

Daniel de Groot BJJ Rotterdam
Bart Dubbeldam BJJ

Bart Dubbeldam

Teaching: Bart is an assistent instructor at CheckMat BJJ Rotterdam and is a very technical and analytical teacher. 

Athlete: Bart started making a name for himself when he won the ADCC Netherlands beginner category. He is also the inaugural GroundForce League champion. He holds a blue belt under Daniel de Groot.

Private classes: Bart is available for private classes and teaches both complete beginners and advanced practitioners. His private training sessions cost 30 euros per hour. Discounts apply for 5- and 10-class packages.

If you’re interested in private classes, please fill in the form below. Make sure to mention your preferred instructor if you have one.