Checkmat BJJ Rotterdam

CheckMat BJJ Rotterdam is part of the international CheckMat team. Known as one of the strongest jiu jitsu teams in the world. We want to help you achieve your goals. Whether that is getting fit, increasing your confidence or becoming a champion competitor.

Checkmat BJJ Rotterdam teaches Brazilian jiu jitsu and no-gi grappling classes on three locations in Rotterdam.

Haven BJJ Rotterdam in the city center, the Erasmus Sports Centre in Kralingen and Unity99 in Rotterdam Alexander.

Our goal is to make as many people as possible experience the benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Not only making them better at Brazilian jiu jitsu, but also through it. By becoming fitter, more confident, giving them more control, and by becoming part of a great community.

Affiliated gyms

Checkmat BJJ Rotterdam is part of team CheckMat. There are several gyms in the area with which we are closely affiliated. If you’re in their area, make sure to visit them:
 Elevation Jiu Jitsu – Utrecht
Sticks & Stones – Munster, Germany
Grapple and Strike – Bremen, Germany
BJJAA – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lionheart Jiu Jitsu Academy – St. Niklaas, Belgium
Fennec Jiu Jitsu – Magdenburg, Germany


Make you better at Brazilian jiu jitsu, and through Brazilian jiu jitsu. 

We believe everyone should train Brazilian jiu jitsu to experience its many benefits. It helps you build confidence, gain control and become part of a great community.